Pioneering Low Carbon Innovation: Introducing FISC – Revolutionizing UK’s Vital Materials

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Revolutionizing Sustainability: Introducing FISC – Foundation Industries Consortium

The Foundation Industries Consortium (FISC) brings together industry leaders – CPI, Glass Futures, Lucideon, Materials Processing Institute, and the Henry Royce Institute – to drive transformative change in the essential materials that shape our daily lives.

Essential Yet Impactful: Redefining Sustainability in Foundation Industries

While essential to our daily lives, these foundational materials are responsible for a significant 10 percent of the world’s CO2 emissions. FISC acknowledges the importance of these industries and is committed to creating a sustainable future by reducing their carbon footprint and embracing innovative, low carbon solutions.

EconoMISER – Pioneering Sustainable Solutions

FISC’s inaugural project, EconoMISER (Economic Materials Innovation for the Sustainable and Efficient Use of Resources), funded by Innovate UK as part of the Transforming Foundation Industries Challenge, is setting the stage for transformative change. With the strength of the consortium, EconoMISER is developing a network of scale-up centers to drive innovation across the foundation industries, fostering sustainability and resource efficiency.

Leveraging Collective Capabilities

Graham Hillier, FISC and EconoMISER Project Chair, emphasizes the power of collaboration: “Working together, FISC leverages the capabilities of its partners to drive improvements across the foundation industries. By sharing best practices and knowledge, we elevate the UK’s position economically, environmentally, and socially.”

Common Challenges, Global Impact

The UK foundation industries face universal challenges shared by manufacturers worldwide. These encompass using more scrap materials to promote circular manufacturing, developing sustainable, low-carbon manufacturing routes, enhancing product innovation, improving manufacturing efficiency, and creating future-fit low-carbon processes and plants.

A Hub of Innovation

Open to all industry stakeholders, FISC welcomes engagement and collaboration to drive the foundation industries forward. By combining the unparalleled expertise of its members, FISC is uniquely positioned to deliver practical, cost-effective solutions that pave the way for a greener future.

Six Themes, Infinite Possibilities

FISC is leading the charge with projects across six critical themes: alternative fuels, digital sensing, process optimization, sustainable materials, circular economy, and training and skills. These initiatives are laying the groundwork for a sustainable and prosperous future for foundation industries.

Source: Foundation Industries Consortium with additional information added by GlassBalkan

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