GPI’s Proactive Response: Addressing Arguments Against Bottle Return Programs with Facts

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Boldly Debunking Myths: GPI President’s Response to CRI Report on Bottle Return Programs

Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) President, Scott DeFife, takes a stand against recent claims by the Container Recycling Institute (CRI). The study in question, “Evidence From New Study Debunks Myth That Deposit Return Systems (DRS) Cause Declines in Beverage Sales,” has sparked a much-needed conversation on the real impact of deposit return programs, commonly known as bottle returns, on beverage sales.

Factual Findings Expose Baseless Arguments

In his statement, DeFife highlights the solid evidence presented by the CRI and Reloop, reaffirming what we already know – that the notion of deposit return programs adversely affecting beverage sales is unfounded. The report paves the way for clearer insights, reinforcing the need for more, not fewer, bottle return programs.

A Win-Win for Sustainability

Beyond challenging the misconceptions, the report underscores the undeniable benefits of DRS programs. These initiatives significantly reduce packaging waste and pave the way for cleaner recycling streams. By generating greater volumes of recyclable material returned across manufacturing supply chains, DRS proves itself as a viable option for sustainable progress.

Empowering Legislatures for the Future

DeFife’s statement emphasizes the vital interest of states and communities in passing DRS legislation. Especially for legislatures considering extended producer responsibility programs for packaging, bottle return systems become a critical ally. While curbside pick-up remains essential, its strength lies in being complemented by robust bottle deposit return systems.

A Call to Action: Embrace the Proven Path

In the quest for a greener future, towns, cities, and states are urged to embrace the proven path of augmenting curbside pick-up with strong bottle deposit return systems. Together, we can forge cleaner recycling streams and drive sustainable change across the nation.

Unravel the Truth, Drive the Change

With clarity prevailing, GPI stands firm in its commitment to sustainability. By unravelling the truth and dispelling myths, the institute strengthens its resolve to drive the change we need for a better, cleaner future.

About the Report: A Milestone for Progress

Published in July 2023, the CRI’s groundbreaking report sets the record straight, igniting meaningful dialogue on the real impact of DRS programs. A milestone for progress, this study shines a light on the way forward, as we collectively build a greener, more sustainable world.

Source: Glass Packaging Institute with additional information added by GlassBalkan

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