Revelation in Glass Innovation: Introducing MIRALITE® EASYSAFE by Saint-Gobain Glass

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Revolutionizing Safety and Aesthetics: Introducing MIRALITE® EASYSAFE by Saint-Gobain Glass

In a pioneering leap forward, Saint-Gobain Glass introduces MIRALITE® EASYSAFE, a game-changer in shatterproof mirrors designed for spaces where safety and aesthetics take precedence.

Enhanced Safety with Innovative Design

MIRALITE® EASYSAFE offers premium anti-shatter performance, thanks to its patented production process. Produced in Germany through a streamlined, one-step process on the mirror production line, this innovative mirror ensures enhanced safety without compromising on aesthetics.

EASYSAFE Composition

©Saint-Gobain Glass

In the event of breakage, the innovative resin in MIRALITE® EASYSAFE retains 98% of glass splinters, conforming to EN 12600 safety standards. Prioritizing the safety of building occupants and workers handling the mirror.

Easy Transformation with a Safe Solution

Avoiding the need for manually applying a traditional safety plastic film, MIRALITE® EASYSAFE offers a ready-made solution co-developed with Saint-Gobain Glass clients. Processors can effortlessly cut it into various shapes, grind, and drill. It is available in jumbo sizes (PLF) and DLF dimensions in both 4- and 6-mm thicknesses.

Easy and Quick Installation

Installing MIRALITE® EASYSAFE is a breeze, ensuring safe installation without the need for a specific primer.

A More Sustainable Anti-Shatter Mirror

This innovative technology eliminates plastic waste, incorporating lead-free and solvent-free raw materials, presenting a sustainable alternative to traditional safety-backed filmed mirrors.

Versatility Redefined

Ideal for high-traffic public spaces like retail outlets, sports facilities, restaurants, hotels, and residential buildings, MIRALITE® EASYSAFE excels in large-scale projects, serving as interior wall cladding and fitting into various furniture pieces.

The Approved Anti-Shatter Mirror

In addition to rigorous anti-shatter testing, MIRALITE® EASYSAFE conforms to European safety EN 12600 standards (classes 3B3 in 4mm & 2B2 in 6mm). It meets the requirements of the silver mirror quality standard, compulsory for the CE marking (according to EN 1036), and holds an A2 rating for reaction to fire according to EN 13501-1.

Launched first in Germany and France, this game-changing solution is set to be embraced by numerous customers across Europe, allowing them to always be.

Source: Saint-Gobain Glass with additional information added by GlassBalkan

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