Revamped CMS Active Interface Enhances Glass Machine Performance

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Streamlined Management and Enhanced User Experience with the New CMS Active Software Interface

The launch of the new “CMS Active” software interface, designed to optimize the management of vertical machines and the latest CMS cutting tables. This innovative interface offers a more intuitive user experience, simplifying operations and boosting productivity.

Simplified Control with SCADA Software

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software lies at the heart of the CMS Active interface, providing operators with real-time control and monitoring capabilities. This powerful software ensures seamless management of all critical machine components.

Efficient Tool Management for Machining Centres

CMS Active revolutionizes tool management for machining centres. Operators can effortlessly specify the machining task, and the software automatically selects the most suitable tool and considers the necessary programs for execution. Moreover, CMS Active promptly alerts operators if a tool is missing or nearing its end of life, suggesting optimal tool replacements to maintain product quality.

Continuous Enhancement for Customer Satisfaction

At GlassBalkan, we are committed to delivering excellence to our customers. That’s why we continuously update and improve the CMS Active software interface, ensuring it remains user-friendly, responsive, and comfortable to use.

Key Buyer Benefits

  1. User-friendly interface for seamless navigation and control.
  2. 53 percent reduction in potential collision detection time, thanks to the new CMS Active interface.
  3. Fully equipped for Industry 4.0 compatibility, empowering your operations with advanced technology.

Source: CMS  with additional information added by GlassBalkan

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