Innovative Glass Solutions at Theppanya Hospital with Guardian Glass

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Explore the possibilities of coated glass at Theppanya Hospital in Chiang Mai

Glass has always been a popular choice when it comes to architectural design. Its versatility, durability and aesthetics make it a material of choice for many designers and architects around the world. Among the different types of glass, coated glass is gaining more and more popularity as it offers several benefits such as thermal insulation, solar control and improved acoustic performance.

Theppanya Hospital in Chiang Mai is one of the many buildings that have utilized the benefits of coated glass. Designed by Prompt Architect, the hospital’s new building is situated on the Chiang Mai-Lampang superhighway and has become a landmark in the area. The building’s simplistic yet distinctive architectural form is accentuated by its visually appealing facade made of coated glass. The building’s solid, light grey mass renders a beautiful contrast that perfectly reflects the hospital’s modern and prestigious image.

From the outside, the coated glass facade gives off three different color variations, which contribute to the architecture’s more dimensional visuals. The material accentuates the facade’s presence while effortlessly fulfilling the required interior functionalities. The design team has chosen three products from the SunGuard® Solar Series and Guardian High Durable Series of Guardian Glass for the different color shades needed in the project. Each coated glass holds its own interesting and distinctive physical characteristics apart from its color.

The High Durable Colors Series (HD color) offers more vibrant tones compared to other models, making the exterior more eye-catching while keeping the interior spaces open and spacious with its transparency. The HD Blue’s good performance and aesthetics gives it the advantage compared to pyrolytic and tinted glass but with the color that is more vibrant than most tinted glass products.

The Royal Blue 20 and Solar Natural 67 from Solar Series are also used for their ability to reflect away heat thanks to the molecular coating brought about by the Sputtering technique, one of Guardian Glass’ innovative technologies, which creates unique physical characteristics for each type of glass. The Solar Control Series also comes with a great variety of colors, enabling more variations when used with other tinted glass. Coated glass under this series can undergo fabrication techniques such as Heat Treatment (Tempering/Heat strengthening), lamination and bending to deliver greater design possibilities.

Theppanya Hospital’s use of coated glass is a great example of how glass can be used to its fullest potential, transforming a normal-looking hospital building into a modern work of architecture. The design turns an ordinary material such as glass into something that manifests creative ability, which ultimately becomes an intriguing element to the project’s unique and striking architectural identity.

Coated glass is an excellent choice for architects and designers who are looking to create visually appealing and functional buildings. Theppanya Hospital in Chiang Mai is an excellent example of how coated glass can be used to create beautiful and modern buildings that stand out from the crowd. With its benefits such as thermal insulation, solar control and improved acoustic performance, coated glass is sure to become even more popular in the years to come.

Source: Guardian Glass with additional information added by GlassBalkan

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