Experience Unmatched Glass Manufacturing Efficiency with the Fusion of Glaston ProL Lamination Line and RC Series Tempering Furnace

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Opening New Doors with Laminated Glass: Consolidated Glass Corporation’s Venture into Lamination

Consolidated Glass Corporation, a company known for their diamond-standard interior glass, is no stranger to investing in new technology to stay ahead of the game. Their latest venture into laminated glass has opened many doors of opportunity in various markets, such as security, acoustic, and decorative glass. Consolidated Glass Corporation chose Glaston’s ProL lamination line for its convection heating and simplicity.

Investing to Excel

Founded in 1967, Consolidated Glass Corporation started fabricating jalousie doors and windows with multiple parallel panes of glass. In 1994, they expanded with their first tempering furnace, which allowed them to supply store fixtures, high-end shower doors, and enclosures. In 2015, they purchased their second tempering line, a Glaston RC Series, to keep up with their five-to-ten-day lead times and to enter the lucrative office partition market.

Venturing into Lamination

Consolidated Glass Corporation’s latest venture into laminated glass began in 2021 with a new 15,000 sq. ft. building and automated lamination line. Lindsey Merryman, the company’s Lamination Line Program Manager, explains how lamination opens up new opportunities in completely new markets, especially in security, acoustic, and decorative glass.

Convection Made Simple

When evaluating lamination equipment options, Brad Bartley, Consolidated Glass Corporation’s General Manager, reviewed six different lines, comparing price and performance. He was impressed with the convection heating system used on Glaston’s ProL line, which was more straightforward than the infrared heating systems used by most competitors. The company made the decision to proceed with Glaston in fall 2021. Construction for the new building began on July 7, 2022, and the new lamination line with its autoclave was commissioned and started up in March 2023.

Good, Responsive Communication

Brad Bartley and Lindsey Merryman praise Glaston’s project management team for their detail-oriented, highly responsive communication during the process. They also appreciate the expertise of Pasi Jaakkola, the main technician who worked with them during the installation.

Best-Kept Secret in the Northeast

Currently, Consolidated Glass Corporation is running one shift on the lamination line and quickly moving into their busy spring-summer season. They are excited about the quality of laminated glass they have produced and their team’s willingness to learn and work hard. The new lamination line allows them to continue delivering on their strengths of producing a great interior glass product, being easy to do business with, and having unbeatable delivery lead times. Brad Bartley proudly proclaims, “In all, we’re the best-kept secret in the Northeast!”

Source: Glaston Corporation with additional information added by GlassBalkan

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