Unlocking the Vision: AGC Launches the Comprehensive “AGC Integrated Report 2023”

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AGC Unveils the AGC Integrated Report 2023: Nurturing Value Through Sustainable Growth

AGC, a global powerhouse in glass, chemicals, and high-tech materials, proudly presents the English version of its highly anticipated AGC Integrated Report 2023. This comprehensive report serves as a vital communication tool, offering valuable insights into AGC Group’s management approach, strategies, and initiatives aimed at bolstering corporate value. Designed for shareholders, investors, and stakeholders, the report fosters an open and constructive dialogue, showcasing AGC’s commitment to long-term growth and continuous value enhancement.

Discover the Highlights: AGC Integrated Report 2023

  1. Vision 2030: Unleashing the Potential
    Unveiling AGC’s ambitious long-term management strategy, the report provides a deep dive into “Vision 2030” and outlines AGC plus-2023, the medium-term management plan. Gain a comprehensive understanding of AGC’s financial and non-financial progress towards realizing this vision.
  2. People-Driven Success: Empowering AGC’s Talented Team
    Delve into captivating interviews with dedicated employees and embrace their invaluable perspectives. Learn about AGC’s economic and social contributions through innovative business practices, sustainable technological development, robust human resources initiatives, and environmental stewardship.
  3. Governance for the Future: Shaping Responsible Leadership
    Witness the evolution of AGC’s corporate governance framework, designed to uphold the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and accountability. Explore how AGC responds to climate change-related opportunities and risks, aligning with the TCFD Framework to ensure responsible and sustainable business practices.

Join the Conversation: Strengthening Collaboration

AGC invites you to engage in meaningful discussions, leveraging the AGC Integrated Report 2023 as a catalyst for valuable exchanges. Together, let’s shape a prosperous future and drive sustainable growth, while embracing AGC’s core values of innovation, excellence, and social responsibility.

The report can be downloaded here.

Source: AGC with additional information added by GlassBalkan

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