Transforming the Future: HALIO and GLASSBEL Forge a Dynamic Partnership for Smart Glass Solutions

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Empowering the Future: GLASSBEL and HALIO Unite for Smart Glass Solutions!

Lithuanian glass processor GLASSBEL BALTIC embraces innovation by integrating the cutting-edge HALIO interlayer into its product portfolio. This partnership allows GLASSBEL and HALIO customers to access HALIO’s advanced switchable insulating glass units, expertly fabricated by GLASSBEL in Europe.

Unveiling a World of Possibilities

With an impressive track record of over 10,000 projects across 30 countries, including iconic landmarks like One Wall Street, Dubai Opera House, and the London headquarters of Foster and Partners, GLASSBEL is renowned as a leading premium architectural glass manufacturer. “By choosing the HALIO system, we have opted for the most advanced and sustainable smart glass technology. Our customers’ growing demand for switchable facades can now be met with an aesthetically and functionally compelling product,” shared Dmitri Sobolevski, CEO of GLASSBEL.

The Power of HALIO

At the heart of the latest HALIO system lies the 1.2-millimeter thick HALIO interlayer, expertly laminated into safety glass packages. This pioneering sandwich construction hermetically seals the glass with conductive layers, presenting an unparalleled solution for smart glass needs.

Customization at its Finest

Unlike predefined glass structures, certified HALIO partners like GLASSBEL enjoy greater flexibility in tailoring insulating glass units to individual customer requirements, such as sound insulation or thermal efficiency. Robert Jagger, Senior Manager Europe at HALIO, highlights the advantages: “Working with a European partner also shortens delivery routes and times for HALIO insulating glass units.”

Opening New Horizons

With this strategic move, HALIO, Inc., renowned California-based smart glass solutions provider, forges new frontiers in marketing its latest generation of products across Europe and the Middle East.

Embracing the Future of Smart Glazing

As the industry shifts towards smart glazing solutions, HALIO takes the lead with its cloud-based system, complete with hardware components and software for control. The unique integration of a 180° High-Definition Sky Camera with illuminance sensor sets HALIO apart, showcasing the utmost dedication to aesthetic quality. With exceptional colour rendering and smooth transitions, HALIO’s smart glazing is the pinnacle of elegance and efficiency.

Source: GLASSBEL BALTIC  with additional information added by GlassBalkan

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