Transform Your Space with SANCO DIVIDE EASY: Effortless and Transparent Room Partitioning Solution

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Create Bright and Spacious Rooms with SANCO DIVIDE EASY: The Ultimate Glass Partition System

Incorporating natural light into indoor spaces is vital for promoting well-being and energy efficiency. For those seeking to break up large areas while maintaining transparency and customizable interior design, the SANCO DIVIDE EASY all-in-one glass partition system is the perfect solution. Easy to assemble and aesthetically pleasing, this innovative system simplifies space planning and enhances the overall ambiance of any environment.

Versatile Room Configurations

Whether you require private meeting areas, peaceful thinking spaces, or lively discussion zones, the SANCO DIVIDE EASY glass partition system empowers you to create limitless room-within-room configurations. Its sleek profile and expansive glass surfaces ensure that daylight remains a defining element of your design. Additionally, the system’s openness reduces the need for artificial lighting, making it an energy-efficient choice. Utilizing a patented, prefabricated frame system, the glass elements can be effortlessly inserted by specialized installers without the need for drilling or adhesives. This streamlined installation process eliminates the necessity for sealing the panels.

Slim and Elegant Design

The SANCO DIVIDE EASY impresses with its simplicity of assembly and refined elegance. The sleek profiles and concealed seals deliver a seamless all-glass aesthetic that effortlessly integrates into various design concepts. The absence of visible hinges and flush door frames, along with integrated lock bodies, further enhance its sophisticated appeal. Moreover, the design ensures safety by eliminating the risk of accidents caused by jamming. Concealed cable routing allows for smart building management without compromising on aesthetics.

Customizable Glass Options

For those seeking to add a personal touch or enhance privacy while deviating from the minimalist design, the glass elements can be customized to suit individual preferences. Whether transparent, opaque, glossy, satin-finished, colorless, or vibrantly colored, the SANCO DIVIDE EASY offers a range of surface treatments and cavity inserts to create the perfect glass partition system.

Tailored to Your Needs

The SANCO DIVIDE EASY is available in glass thicknesses ranging from 10 to 19 millimeters and is suitable for rooms up to 3.2 meters in height. Customizable oversize options are available upon request, allowing for flexibility in design. With adherence to all necessary standards and guidelines, this system solution guarantees peace of mind during the planning phase.


As Europe’s largest alliance of insulating glass manufacturers, SANCO comprises more than 60 active members across 14 countries. Licensed by Switzerland’s Glas Trösch Group, SANCO partners specialize in producing energy-efficient insulating glass for windows and facades, as well as innovative glass solutions for interior spaces.

Elevate your space with SANCO DIVIDE EASY and experience the perfect fusion of functionality, style, and natural light.

Source: SANCO/Glas Trösch with additional information added by GlassBalkan

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