Tianjin NorthGlass Achieves ‘National Green Factory’ Title, Showcases Commitment to Sustainability

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Recognized for its dedication to green manufacturing, Tianjin NorthGlass secures the prestigious title of ‘National Green Factory’ in the 2023 Green Manufacturing List by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Tianjin NorthGlass, a prominent player in the glass processing industry, has emerged as a frontrunner in sustainable manufacturing practices with its recent accolade of being recognized as a ‘National Green Factory.’ This prestigious title, bestowed as part of the ‘2023 Green Manufacturing List’ by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, is a reflection of NorthGlass’s unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and green innovation.

The journey towards achieving the ‘National Green Factory’ title was marked by the company’s initial selection as the ‘Municipal Green Factory’ in June 2023. This paved the way for Tianjin NorthGlass to compete at the national level, where it successfully clinched the title in November 2023. This accomplishment is not merely a recognition of manufacturing prowess but also a manifestation of NorthGlass’s broader mission to accelerate green transformation, uphold excellent industrial structures, champion eco-friendly development models, and enhance economic quality.

An additional feather in NorthGlass’s cap comes in the form of the Environmental Product Statement-EPD Report, a globally recognized certification that attests to the company’s commitment to producing environmentally friendly and sustainable products. Based on international standards such as ISO 14025 and EN 15804, the EPD report provides a comprehensive overview of environmental data related to NorthGlass products. This includes crucial metrics such as energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water utilization, and other resource consumption. Furthermore, the report delves into the product’s life cycle evaluation, offering an in-depth analysis of the environmental impact from raw material acquisition to manufacturing, transportation, use stage, and waste disposal.

Yang Yuanxi, Deputy General Manager of the Glass Deep Processing Division of NorthGlass, expressed the significance of this recognition, stating, “As a leader in the glass deep processing and manufacturing industry, NorthGlass adheres to the sustainable development strategy, actively responds to the two-carbon policy, and constantly puts it into practice in products and management to promote energy conservation and emission reduction.”

In addition to the EPD report, Tianjin NorthGlass has obtained the Hong Kong CIC Green Product Certification in October this year. The Construction Industry Council (CIC) is a Hong Kong-based organization dedicated to promoting the sustainable development of the construction and construction industries. The CIC Green Product Certification is a notable program designed to encourage and recognize building and building materials products that meet specific environmental standards. This certification serves as a testament to Tianjin NorthGlass’s ongoing commitment and responsibility towards environmental protection.

Dr. Zhu Jun, Chief Technology Officer of the report, praised NorthGlass for its forward-looking vision in sustainable development, stating, “This EPD report will provide green identity support for Tianjin NorthGlass series products, effectively deal with the EU Carbon Border Regulation Mechanism (CBAM), and grasp the new opportunities of the new international trade situation.”

Furthermore, the recognition from MakerSpace[A], an association for collaborative work in a technical environment, adds another dimension to NorthGlass’s commitment to hands-on, practical sustainability efforts. In collaboration with MakerSpace[A] in Amstetten, three glass processing technicians from LiSEC, a subsidiary of NorthGlass, were able to apply their theoretical knowledge in real-life scenarios. From planning to assembly, these apprentices actively participated in creating a glass front used in the extension of the MakerSpace[A] hall.

Andreas Mader, LiSEC Product Management Logistics, and a MakerSpace[A] member emphasized the positive impact of this collaboration, stating, “The apprentices were very committed and motivated, and the different approaches to discussions and ideas also had a lasting added value for me.”

Tianjin NorthGlass’s achievements are not limited to national and international certifications alone. The company has been closely aligned with the national development strategy, actively promoting green and low-carbon transformation and upgrading of its enterprises. Leveraging its robust scientific research capabilities, NorthGlass has been at the forefront of developing green low-carbon technology, adhering to the ‘green manufacturing’ model.

NorthGlass products have garnered various certifications, including green building product certificates, business standard certificates of green building products, and recognition as a national specialized refined characteristic novel little giant enterprise. These accolades, coupled with titles such as Tianjin manufacturing individual champion and Tianjin leading enterprise, underscore NorthGlass’s commitment to excellence across various facets of its operations.

Stefan Fröschl, the new apprentice trainer at NorthGlass, recognizes the invaluable role of hands-on projects for the apprentices, stating, “Hands-on projects are perfect for the apprentices. Not only does practical relevance play a crucial role, but also the social component – teamwork with adults at eye level!”

As Tianjin NorthGlass continues its forward momentum in the realm of sustainable manufacturing, these achievements serve as beacons of inspiration for the industry. The company’s dedication to environmental responsibility, innovation, and continuous improvement positions it as a trailblazer in the pursuit of green manufacturing excellence. With a firm belief in the development philosophy of green environmental protection, high efficiency, and energy-saving, NorthGlass remains committed to providing customers with more efficient and energy-saving glass products, thereby contributing to the national energy-saving goals and setting new benchmarks in sustainable manufacturing.

Source: GlassBalkan

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