Tecglass Expands Factory to Fuel Uninterrupted Business Growth

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Tecglass Factory Expansion: Driving Business Growth with Increased Production Capacity

Tecglass S.L, a leading supplier of industrial digital printing solutions, has made a major investment in business expansion with a new production facility. Despite the challenges faced by the glass industry due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Tecglass S.L has remained committed to growth by increasing its production floor to a total area of 13,000 square meters with a new facility that includes a new manufacturing line for digital printers, a live show-room, warehouse, manufacturing plant for ceramic Jetver inks, laboratory and R&D departments, and administration and service support centre.

This expansion not only meets growing customer demands but also enables Tecglass S.L to improve its manufacturing processes, efficiency, and scalability, as well as anticipate long-term growth and future demand for its global markets. With its strengthened leadership position in supplying industrial turn-key digital printing solutions, Tecglass S.L is ready to optimally meet the increasingly demanding market requirements for the architectural, automotive, home appliances, and commercial refrigeration sectors.

Visit Tecglass S.L’s live showroom to see how digital printing technology can transform your production activities. Contact [email protected] to learn more. Go digital with Tecglass S.L – Digital Printing Technology by Fenzi Group.

Source: Tecglass with additional information added by GlassBalkan

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