Saint-Gobain confirms ORAÉ® – The Market’s Greenest Glass with the Lowest Carbon Footprint

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ORAÉ® – The Greenest Glass on the Market with World’s Lowest Carbon Footprint

Saint-Gobain has revolutionized the glass industry by introducing ORAÉ® – the world’s first low carbon glass. A recent third-party verified EPD* confirms that ORAÉ® has the lowest carbon footprint in the market, setting a new standard at 6.64kg CO2 eq./m² (from Cradle to Grave for a 4mm substrate) – a 42% reduction compared to Saint-Gobain Glass European baseline for clear glass. This achievement is due to a remarkably high amount of recycled content, without compromising on the technical, quality, or aesthetic performances.

ORAÉ® is integrated into Saint-Gobain’s portfolio, offering sustainability and performance with COOL-LITE® XTREME ORAÉ®, reducing both operational and embodied carbon in building façades. In addition, ORAÉ® is now available for the windows market, associated with the best low emissivity coatings in the Saint-Gobain Glass range like ECLAZ® and PLANISTAR®.

Major real estate partners have already chosen Saint-Gobain Glass to reduce the carbon footprint of their pioneer projects. The latest is the Habitat 7 building in Gothenburg, Sweden, developed by NCC and in collaboration with the facade maker Fasadglas.

To evaluate the impact of ORAÉ® on the carbon footprint of architectural projects, building professionals can use Calumen®, Saint-Gobain’s all-in-one glazing digital configuration tool, as ORAÉ® is now integrated with detailed environmental data.

Saint-Gobain’s commitment to reaching carbon neutrality by 2050 and to becoming the worldwide leader in light and sustainable construction is evidenced by the success of ORAÉ®. Visit to learn more about this product, and follow us on LinkedIn @glass-facade-saint-gobain.

*An EPD is an Environmental Product Declaration, a third-party verified document that indicates the environmental impact of a product during its life cycle. For the EPD, please visit For the FDES, please visit

Source: Saint-Gobain Glass with additional information added by GlassBalkan

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