RCN Solutions Elevates Lamination Capabilities at VGP Velvet Glass Poland with Lammy System 2 Installation

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VGP Velvet Glass Poland Chooses RCN Solutions for Cutting-Edge Lamination Projects

In the ever-evolving landscape of glass production, VGP Velvet Glass Poland (VGP) is positioning itself for enhanced competitiveness by investing in advanced lamination technology. After thorough research and deliberation, VGP has opted for RCN Solutions to meet its lamination needs. Operating in the glass market since 1999, VGP is recognized for supplying a diverse range of interior and exterior glass products. The strategic move to integrate RCN’s Lammy System 2, featuring innovative technologies like the RD CLEAN CONCEPT and EASY APP CONNECT, signals VGP’s commitment to quality and efficiency in its production processes.

VGP Velvet Glass, equipped with CNC machines, has been steadily expanding its product offerings, focusing on specialized items to stay ahead in the market. The selection of RCN’s Lammy System 2, with an active size of 2.100 by 3.600 millimeters, underscores VGP’s dedication to producing high-quality laminated glass products. The inclusion of the RD CLEAN CONCEPT ensures clean edges, eliminating the need for post-laminating edge cleaning, thus saving valuable time and costs. Additionally, the integration of EASY APP CONNECT allows for remote control of the lamination process, facilitating immediate adjustments as needed.

A significant enhancement to VGP’s production capabilities comes in the form of an overtop storage unit with two additional laminating shelves. This addition is expected to boost production efficiency from 30 to an impressive 70 percent. The utilization of RCN’s fast-curing REVA BF interlayer further contributes to this efficiency, allowing the lamination of 6+6mm glass in just 75 minutes.

The Lammy System 2 by RCN Solutions continues to be the preferred choice among glaziers, demonstrating its versatility, reliability, and daily output. This state-of-the-art laminating kiln remains the top pick for those aiming to specialize in lamination and deliver exceptional, secure glass products.

RCN Solutions, recognized for its commitment to quality and precision, is making significant inroads into the Polish market. The installation at VGP Velvet Glass Poland aligns with the market’s emphasis on quality and appreciation for the renowned “Made in Italy” stamp, signifying meticulous technical choices, attention to detail, and durability.

RCN expresses gratitude to VGP Velvet Glass for its hospitality and collaborative approach. Reflecting VGP’s assurance of delivering the highest quality products aligned with customer expectations, RCN reiterates its dedication to meeting market demands with the utmost commitment.

Source: R.C.N. Solutions with additional information added by GlassBalkan

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