NGA Partners with Charles Pankow Foundation for Spandrel Research Project

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Breaking Ground in Glass Industry Advancements: NGA’s Collaborative Initiative with the Charles Pankow Foundation

In a resounding vote of confidence for progress in the glass industry, the National Glass Association (NGA) has committed to co-sponsoring a groundbreaking research study spearheaded by the Charles Pankow Foundation. The primary objective of this research endeavor is to enhance our understanding of spandrel assemblies’ thermal performance within curtain wall systems.

Charting a Course for Progress

At its recent board of directors meeting, the NGA displayed unwavering support for this critical initiative. The collaborative effort aims to redefine how we perceive and utilize spandrel assemblies within curtain walls. By shedding light on the intricate dynamics of spandrel thermal performance, this project is set to revolutionize curtain wall designs.

The Challenge at Hand

Presently, modeling the thermal performance of spandrel assemblies remains a convoluted and inconsistent task. Energy codes fall short in adequately addressing spandrel-related concerns. To tackle this challenge head-on, the Charles Pankow Foundation has assembled dedicated research teams and allocated substantial resources. Their mission: to employ meticulous modeling and rigorous physical testing to comprehensively address this complex issue. Phase 1 background research has been successfully completed, paving the way for phase 2 testing.

NGA’s Commitment to Progress

Urmilla Sowell, NGA’s Vice President of Advocacy and Technical Services, underscores the significance of this collaboration, stating, “NGA supports this important initiative of the Charles Pankow Foundation to validate thermal benefits of spandrel. This research is critical in states such as Massachusetts where curtain wall is in danger of being challenged in the building codes.”

Driving Innovation

Tom Culp, the energy consultant for NGA and the Glazing Industry Code Committee, is serving as the industry liaison on this visionary project. If you’re eager to delve deeper into this research and explore opportunities for involvement, please don’t hesitate to contact NGA staff. Together, we’re forging a path toward innovative solutions that will shape the future of the glass industry.

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