NGA Partners with Charles Pankow Foundation on Spandrel Research Project

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Unlocking the Future of Glass Facades: NGA’s Co-sponsorship with Charles Pankow Foundation

In a groundbreaking move, the National Glass Association (NGA) has thrown its weight behind a pivotal research initiative led by the Charles Pankow Foundation. This collaborative effort is aimed at enhancing our understanding of the thermal performance of spandrel assemblies within curtain wall systems.

Preserving Curtain Wall Excellence

NGA’s recent board of directors meeting resulted in a resounding endorsement of co-sponsoring this research study. The spandrel research project promises to revolutionize curtain wall design by providing more accurate modeling and insights into spandrel thermal performance, ultimately paving the way for advanced and energy-efficient designs.

Addressing Current Challenges

Currently, the modeling of spandrel thermal performance remains complex and inconsistent, with energy codes falling short in addressing this critical facet of building design. The Charles Pankow Foundation has rallied research teams and resources to tackle this challenge head-on, employing detailed modeling and rigorous physical testing. The project has successfully completed its initial phase of background research and is now embarking on the pivotal phase 2 testing.

A Critical Initiative for the Industry

Urmilla Sowell, NGA’s Vice President of Advocacy and Technical Services, underscores the importance of this initiative: “NGA supports this important initiative of the Charles Pankow Foundation to validate thermal benefits of spandrel. This research is critical in states such as Massachusetts where curtain wall is in danger of being challenged in the building codes.”

Industry Collaboration

Tom Culp of Birch Point Consulting, the energy consultant for NGA and the Glazing Industry Code Committee, serves as the industry liaison for this project. To delve deeper into this groundbreaking research and explore opportunities for involvement, we encourage you to contact NGA staff.

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