Grenzebach Makes Waves in Asia: Unveiling a New Production Site in India!

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Grenzebach Empowers Growth in India with Exciting Expansion of New Production Site!

Grenzebach, a prominent player in the glass industry, headquartered in Germany, proudly announces a significant milestone – the signing of the contract for the expansion of their site in Pune, India. A momentous occasion that marks the fusion of the current sales and service branch with a cutting-edge manufacturing facility catering to the glass and gypsum industry.

A Vision for Growth

Scheduled for October 2023, the commencement of production at the new Pune site ushers in a new era of opportunities. This ambitious expansion brings forth the creation of approximately 30 new jobs in the initial phase, fueling progress and prosperity in the region.

Strengthening Asian Footprint

With a strong belief in the immense potential of the Indian market, the Grenzebach Group is investing around EUR 2 million in this strategic expansion. This move not only reiterates their confidence in the Asian market but also reflects their commitment to bolstering India’s economic landscape.

Dr. Steven Althaus, CEO of Grenzebach Group, enthuses, “We firmly believe in the Indian market and expect enormous potential for growth within the next five years.”

Marking a Statement of Dedication

As the new infrastructure takes shape, Ralf Jäger, COO of the Group, emphasizes the significance of the Pune region, India, and Asia. This investment, a testament to Grenzebach’s unwavering dedication to the region, solidifies their position as a pioneering force in the glass industry.

Expanding Horizons: A World of Opportunities

The Grenzebach Group foresees an impressive sales potential for the glass and building materials sector, projected to reach EUR 3 million in the first two years, with even greater prospects ahead. The initial investment costs are expected to be quickly amortized, paving the way for further developments and adherence to sustainable and energy-efficient standards.

Catering to Industry Demands

Aligned with the thriving market and increased demand for glass products, including float and structural glass, Grenzebach’s investment decision couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. The Indian government’s focus on sustainability has fostered robust demand for solar glass, catering to the manufacturing of photovoltaic modules.

Strengthening Customer Bonds

With the new infrastructure, Markus Gruber, Senior Vice President Business Unit Glass at Grenzebach, emphasizes the enhanced support for Indian customers. The proximity to clients in terms of service and order processing reinforces the company’s commitment to fostering fruitful collaborations.

A Futuristic Facility

Spanning across 4,500 square meters in the Chakan Industrial Area, Pune District, the new premises will boast a state-of-the-art production unit and office space. Equipped to meet German standards, the manufacturing site will facilitate the assembly of conveyor equipment, labor-intensive welding work for annealing lehrs for the glass industry, and dryers for the building materials industry.

Prasanna Hegde, MD Grenzebach India, shares, “The expansion will enable us to serve our glass and building materials customers in the Eastern Hemisphere even better – with equipment and machinery to German standards, in high quality, at local cost levels.”

Building the Future Together

With this momentous expansion, Grenzebach embraces a future filled with growth, innovation, and elevated customer experiences. The journey to India is a testament to their unwavering dedication to excellence, reinforcing their position as industry pioneers.

Source: Grenzebach with additional information added by GlassBalkan

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