Elevating Fire Safety: Discover POLFLAM Timber F30/F90 – Fire-Resistant Glazing for Timber Frames

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New General Construction Technique Permits for POLFLAM Fire-Resistant Glazing in Timber Frames

Exciting news! POLFLAM’s fire-resistant glazing for timber frames, Timber F30 and Timber F90, have received the newly issued general construction technique permits (aBG). These permits allow discreet and stylish room divisions while ensuring escape routes are secured without compromising overall ambiance.

A Versatile Solution for Interior and Exterior

The applications of POLFLAM Timber F30 and Timber F90 are not limited to interior use. As buildings become more densely packed in urban areas, the need to consider fire flash-over becomes more prevalent. With the fire-resistant glazing, large areas can remain light-filled and open without compromising safety.

Slim Profiles, Expansive Possibilities

POLFLAM Timber F30 and Timber F90 offer uncompromising glass sizes combined with slim profiles, providing versatility in design and installation.

Personalized Training and On-Site Support

POLFLAM is dedicated to providing personalized training and on-site support to ensure the seamless manufacturing and installation of elements made from renewable raw materials.

Source:  POLFLAM with additional information added by GlassBalkan

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