Vitro Secures USD 1.3 Billion Expansion Deal for High-Tech Glass Front Sheets with First Solar

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Major Boost for Renewable Energy: Vitro Expands Contract to Supply Advanced Glass for First Solar’s Thin-Film PV Solar Panels

Vitro S.A.B. de C.V., a prominent glass manufacturer in North America, is set to significantly contribute to the renewable energy landscape as it expands its contract with First Solar, the largest vertically integrated solar manufacturer in the Americas. This expansion, part of Vitro’s international growth strategy, involves the supply of high-tech glass front sheets for advanced thin-film photovoltaic (PV) solar panels manufactured by First Solar. The operation, valued at approximately USD 1.3 billion over the next decade, underscores Vitro’s commitment to capitalizing on growth opportunities in the North American Trade Region.

Adrian Sada, CEO of Vitro, expresses excitement and gratitude for the trust placed in the company by First Solar. He emphasizes that this strategic alignment aligns with Vitro’s goals of leveraging technological strength and fostering collaboration with customers to actively participate in and develop the renewable energy sector in America. The expanded agreement not only solidifies Vitro’s position as a key player in the industry but also signifies a significant step towards advancing sustainable energy solutions.

In response to the requirements of this expansion, Vitro will invest an estimated USD 180 million. This investment will be directed towards upgrading one of the furnaces at the Meadville plant in Pennsylvania and adapting additional existing facilities. These measures are crucial to supporting First Solar’s increasing manufacturing capacity in the United States, reflecting the collaborative effort to fortify the domestic value chain.

Mike Koralewski, Chief Supply Chain Officer at First Solar, emphasizes the importance of a growing domestic manufacturing footprint and highlights the significance of a scalable domestic value chain. The expanded contract with Vitro ensures access to a new source of American-made glass for the front sheets in First Solar’s solar panels, aligning with efforts to enhance resilience in the U.S. supply chains.

Source: GlassBalkan

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