SORG Group Successfully Completes Repairs on Furnace B at Steklarna Hrastnik

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Steklarna Hrastnik Elevates Glass Production Excellence with SORG Group:

In a remarkable stride towards innovation and sustainability, Steklarna Hrastnik has partnered with the esteemed SORG Group to revamp Furnace B. This furnace, initially constructed by SORG in 2014, is now being transformed into a cutting-edge melting furnace dedicated to crafting premium flint glass.

Holistic Engineering Excellence:

Under the visionary guidance of Nikolaus SORG, a comprehensive engineering marvel unfolded. The endeavor encompassed a meticulous engineering package, encompassing refractory materials, steel construction, and essential components for the rejuvenation of the melting tank, distribution channel, and four forehearths. The project’s scope extended to embracing advanced heating and cooling systems, SCADA integration, and various furnace and glass conditioning essentials.

Elevating Sustainability with EME:

EME, in conjunction with their meticulous audit and conceptual engineering, played a pivotal role. The upgrade of dosing units within the batch plants, coupled with the modernization of the cullet return system, took center stage. This transformative journey also involved the installation of a cutting-edge single fork linked scraper and a dynamic system for incorporating external PCR (post-consumer recycled) cullet.

Transformation by SKS:

SKS, entrusted with the transformational task, gracefully handled the intricate dance of dismantling the old furnace, paving the way for a rejuvenated vision. The installation of new refractory material and the careful modification of the existing steel structure illuminated their expertise. A crowning achievement was the feat of raising the furnace and forehearth steel structure by a remarkable 400 millimeters.

Pioneering Excellence for a Greener Future:

This monumental endeavor breathes life into Steklarna Hrastnik’s journey of progress. The renewed Furnace B stands as a testament to environmental consciousness and energy efficiency. As a commitment to a sustainable future, the furnace system is poised for an eventual conversion to hydrogen operation, further aligning with a reduced CO2 footprint.

A Symphony of Synergy:

The Steklarna Hrastnik and SORG Group collaboration epitomizes the ‘Power of Three,’ showcasing the harmonious collaboration between visionary engineering, sustainable advancements, and unyielding dedication to excellence.

Source: Steklarna Hrastnik with additional information added by GlassBalkan

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