Preserving the Art of Glass Processing: Unleashing Ravensby Glass’s Heritage and Passion

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Revolutionizing Glass Processing with Forel Technology: Ravensby Glass’s Heritage and Passion

Ravensby Glass, a leading glass company based in Dundee, Scotland, is setting new standards in quality glass products through its innovative use of Forel technology. With a dedicated focus on double and triple glazed units, interior glass, and facades, Ravensby Glass has established itself as a trusted distributor across the UK, renowned for its unwavering commitment to exceptional quality, top-notch service, and customer satisfaction.

Preserving a Legacy: Ravensby Glass’s Rich Heritage

Delving into the history of Ravensby Glass, we uncover a remarkable story that dates back to the 19th century. Originally founded as Malcolm, Ogilvie & Co. Ltd. in 1847, the company started its journey in textile manufacturing before diversifying into various industries. In 1986, Ravensby Glass emerged as the group’s foray into the glass sector. What sets Ravensby Glass apart is its rare continuity of ownership over 160 years—five generations of the founding families, Ogilvie and Cunningham, have steered the company with unwavering passion and foresight. Today, we have the privilege of meeting the current custodians, CEO Hamish Ogilvie and CFO Nicholas Cunningham, great-grandsons of the original founders.

Forel High Tech IG Line: A Game-Changer for Ravensby Glass

Witnessing the company’s commitment to constant improvement, Mr. Ogilvie explains, “After diversifying into different sectors, we ventured into the glass business as processors in the 1980s. Over the years, we have consistently invested in enhancing our glass quality and operational efficiency. At our Dundee facility on Tom Johnston Road, we have established a state-of-the-art plant dedicated to residential and commercial glass production. Our extensive logistics network ensures reliable supply throughout Scotland and the wider UK, earning us a solid reputation as a trusted supplier.”

The Inner Workings of Ravensby Glass: A Structured Approach

Ravensby Glass operates as a well-organized company, with two warehouses housing large panes. These panes feed into two horizontal cutting lines, where the glass undergoes processing and tempering as required. The processed glass is then directed to one of the company’s three existing lines for insulating glass production. With an eye for precision and efficiency, Ravensby Glass has streamlined its operations to ensure optimal productivity.

Forel Machinery: Transforming Ravensby Glass’s Production

In 2019, Ravensby Glass embarked on a journey to elevate its production capabilities, leading them to explore the Forel plant in Italy. Impressed by the cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, the company made its first investment in a Forel IGU Line and Vertical Processing Line for processed glass pre-tempering. Overcoming initial adjustments, Ravensby Glass experienced remarkable performance and decided to further expand its production capabilities by investing in a second IGU line. Today, these two Forel IGU Lines stand as the backbone of Ravensby Glass’s production, supported by the precision and efficiency of the Forel Art. EM edging machine, globally recognized for its exceptional arrissing, grinding, and polishing capabilities.

Navigating Challenges and Embracing Future Growth

Like any manufacturing company, Ravensby Glass confronts the challenges of a competitive market, including rising energy costs and increased demand for enhanced thermal performance. Mr. Cunningham explains their strategic approach, saying, “We negotiate fiercely with our energy suppliers as contracts expire and optimize our production flow, such as consolidating to a single toughening plant. However, one fundamental truth remains unchanged: glass production must evolve toward increased automation. Forel’s cutting-edge systems offer significant advantages in terms of productivity and digital control, empowering our operators and ensuring the utmost product conformity.”

A Pulse on the Glass Market: Commercial and Residential Trends

Positioned as a key player in the UK market, Ravensby Glass stays attuned to evolving trends in both the commercial and residential glass sectors. Despite expectations, the demand for commercial glass remains robust, with the construction-architectural sector experiencing vibrant growth. The need for facades, shopfronts, and other installations continues to drive demand, particularly for triple glazing, which has witnessed a significant surge. Even the residential market maintains stability, with the anticipation of an upswing in triple glazing demand in the near future. Ravensby Glass is well-prepared to meet these market shifts, thanks to the exceptional performance delivered by the Forel line in triple glazing production.

Innovation, Heritage, and a Commitment to Excellence

Ravensby Glass epitomizes the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, combining its rich heritage with cutting-edge Forel technology to produce glass products that surpass industry standards. With an unwavering dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, Ravensby Glass continues to lead the way in the glass processing industry, solidifying its position as a trusted partner for both residential and commercial projects.

Source: Forel with additional information added by GlassBalkan

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