Discover Innovation: Meet Sparklike at GlassBuild America!

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Bold Innovations Await: Experience Handheld 3.0 Demonstrations at Booth #330!

In a groundbreaking showcase of cutting-edge technology. GlassBuild America, taking place from October 31 to November 2. At booth #330, where we invite you to witness the future of gas measurement firsthand.

Meet Atte Kuusisto, CEO of Sparklike

A highlight of this year’s event will be the presence of Atte Kuusisto, the visionary CEO of Sparklike. With his expertise, we are set to redefine the standards of insulating gas measurement. His insights and firsthand demonstrations promise to enlighten and inspire all attendees.

Unravel the Significance of Insulating Gas Measurement

At GlassBuild America, we not only showcase our Handheld 3.0 devices but also provide a platform for engaging discussions. Join to delve into the critical importance of accurate insulating gas measurement. Our experts will be on hand to guide you through the nuances, demonstrating how precision in measurement can revolutionize your industry practices.

Experience Live Demos: Booth #330 Awaits Your Presence

We invite you to immerse yourself in live demonstrations of Handheld 3.0, our cutting-edge device that stands at the forefront of gas measurement technology. Witness firsthand how this innovation can transform your approach to insulating gas measurement, ensuring accuracy and efficiency like never before.

Join at GlassBuild America: Where Innovation Meets Industry Expertise

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to engage with industry leaders, witness groundbreaking technology, and explore the future of gas measurement. Visit booth #330 and be a part of the revolution that is reshaping the landscape of insulating gas measurement.

Source: Sparklike Oy with additional information added by GlassBalkan

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