Ametek and AGR International Set to Inspire and Innovate at Glassman Latin America Conference

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Glass Technology Pioneers Ametek and AGR International to Share Insights at Prestigious Mexican Glass Conference

Mexico City is gearing up for a glass manufacturing extravaganza as Glassman Latin America prepares to host an enriching two-day conference featuring prominent speakers from the industry. The latest additions to the impressive lineup are glass technology stalwarts Ametek Land and AGR International. Ametek Land’s Global Industry Manager for Glass, Philippe Kerbois, is set to delve into the realm of decarbonization with a presentation on the integration of AMETEK Land’s cutting-edge thermal imaging technology and enhanced thermal software. Meanwhile, AGR International’s Director of Research, Bill Slusser, alongside Marta de la Torre, will share insights on “Leveraging Glass Container Testing to Validate Sustainability.”

Ametek Land’s presentation, titled “Enhancing the Decarbonisation of Glass Plants,” will spotlight the synergistic capabilities of the NIR-B-2K high-definition thermal imager and the IMAGEPro Glass software. Kerbois will elaborate on how this powerful combination monitors batch melting and burners optimization, contributing to enhanced efficiency within glass melt tanks. The NIR-B-2K thermal imaging camera promises continuous monitoring, ensuring seamless operations and improved sustainability practices.

On the sustainability front, AGR International’s presentation will emphasize the critical role of glass container testing in validating sustainability measures. Bill Slusser and Marta de la Torre will share insights into how rigorous testing can contribute to the overall sustainability goals of glass manufacturing processes. This dynamic presentation aligns with the broader themes of the Glassman Latin America conference, focusing on “Decarbonization in Glass Manufacturing” and “Digital Glassmaking.”

Scheduled for May 15 and 16, the Glassman Latin America trade show and conference present a unique opportunity for industry professionals to explore the latest trends and innovations in glass manufacturing. The event will feature a diverse array of glass manufacturing technology suppliers, engaging in discussions on cutting-edge equipment and industry trends.

Attendees can anticipate a comprehensive exploration of topics crucial to the future of glass manufacturing, ranging from decarbonization initiatives to the digital transformation of glassmaking processes. With the participation of influential speakers like Ametek Land and AGR International, the conference promises to be a hub of knowledge exchange and inspiration.

As anticipation builds for this impactful industry event, registration is now open and free to attend. Glass enthusiasts, professionals, and stakeholders are encouraged to secure their spots at the Glassman Latin America conference, where insights from industry leaders will shape the future of glass manufacturing.

Source: GlassBalkan

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