AGP-Europe Takes a Stride Towards Sustainability with Its Largest Renewable Energy PPA

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Ardagh Glass Packaging-Europe (AGP-Europe) Commits to a Decade-Long Renewable Energy Partnership with RPC’s Vitberget Wind Project

In a significant leap towards a sustainable future, Ardagh Glass Packaging-Europe (AGP-Europe), a key player under the Ardagh Group umbrella, has announced a groundbreaking 10-year renewable energy Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Renewable Power Capital’s (RPC) recently completed 161MW Vitberget wind project in Sweden. Facilitated by Schneider Electric, a renowned advisor in corporate renewable energy procurement, this PPA covers 100 percent of Vitberget’s capacity, aiming to commence operations in 2026. This strategic agreement marks a pivotal moment in AGP-Europe’s sustainability roadmap, offsetting 40 percent of its power load and contributing significantly to Ardagh’s overarching goal of transitioning to 100 percent renewable electricity by 2030.

Renewable energy has become a focal point in Ardagh’s sustainability strategy, and this monumental PPA aligns seamlessly with its 2030 objectives, including substantial CO2 reduction as part of the Science Based Targets initiative. AGP-Europe’s commitment to sustainable practices is evident not only in its power procurement choices but also in recent initiatives like the opening of the NextGen Furnace at AGP in Obernkirchen, Germany, capable of saving approximately 45,000 tonnes of carbon annually.

The Vitberget wind project, a part of RPC’s extensive 553MW cluster featuring four wind farms in Kramfors and Sollefteå municipalities, adds momentum to Sweden’s wind sector. RPC’s recent order of 80 Nordex turbines for these wind farms reinforces its dedication to advancing land-based wind solutions and contributes significantly to the broader decarbonization efforts across European industries.

Martin Petersson, CEO of AGP-Europe, expressed enthusiasm about this sustainability milestone, stating, “We are delighted to take this next step on our sustainability journey, securing renewable energy from RPC in a long-term partnership.” He emphasized the tangible impact this PPA will have, aligning with AGP-Europe’s commitment to minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, especially following the inauguration of the NextGen Furnace.

Steve Hunter, Managing Director of Power Markets and Asset Management at RPC, highlighted the importance of PPAs in their investment strategy, underlining the ability to secure stable cash flows without the need for subsidies. Hunter expressed pride in closing another PPA, specifically for a wind farm integral to RPC’s most extensive project to date, emphasizing their role in the decarbonization efforts across various sectors.

This strategic partnership between AGP-Europe and RPC underscores the pivotal role that corporate entities play in steering sustainable practices within their industries. As the Vitberget PPA comes to life in 2026, it marks a tangible commitment towards cleaner energy solutions, setting a precedent for long-term environmental stewardship.

Source: GlassBalkan

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